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A system sustaining and sustained by integrity
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Students signing honor code in laurie auditorium

“On my honor, I have neither given nor received any unauthorized assistance on this work.” - Academic Honor Code

In 1923, students approved a constitution that afforded them a major role in matters of self-governance regarding social and academic behavior. The 1923 constitution affirmed the students' desire to "maintain a higher standard of honor... and to assume a greater responsibility in the government of the University." Still standing today, the Academic Honor Code is the system through which Trinity students hold themselves individually responsible for integrity and for preserving the value of their education.

Students sign the Academic Honor Code during their first week at Trinity. Students are required to add the honor code statement and their signature to each assignment to reinforce and reaffirm their adherence to the Academic Honor Code.

The Trinity University Honor Code passed the Association of Student Representatives and the Faculty Senate on Feb. 21, 2003. The Academic Honor Council set up a system of bylaws, standard operating procedures, and sanctioning norms that ensure that all cases are adjudicated consistently. Due to the hard work of council members, the Trinity Academic Honor Code is now a model for other universities.

“The honor code is a way of displaying Trinity’s integrity. It’s not meant to reprimand, but push students to a standard of honesty with themselves and their academic environment. It also allows us to find ways that Trinity’s academic environment may hinder students.” - Brianka Yzaguirre ’19, member of Honor Council

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