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Take a walk around Trinity’s campus, and you’ll notice red bricks, purple mountain laurels…and white chairs. These Adirondack chairs dotting Trinity’s landscape have become a staple, providing welcome relaxation for students sunbathing by the fountains, reading under the trees, or procrastinating from their studies.

The chairs were planted on campus in the spring of 2012, stemming from a partnership between the Urban Studs (the urban studies club) and Facilities Services. Beginning with just 10 chairs, more were quickly purchased and placed around campus, mostly in upper campus, to meet demand.

“The chairs remind us how attention to detail can make a big difference in shaping the character of space.” - Kathryn O’Rourke

The chairs have even been part of other traditions on campus. Fraternity and sorority members camped out at the Magic Stones in 2013, competing with each other to see which organization could remain touching the sculpture for the longest time. In addition to radios, tents, and sleeping bags, some students ingeniously brought over the Adirondack chairs to make their stays more comfortable. Despite concerns that students would end up stealing the chairs, each made its way back to their original locations after the contest ended.

“The white chairs provided the perfect chaise lounges for the evening. It was like Cape Cod camping right here at Trinity.” - Marek Bruckner, Alpha Chi Lambda member

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