Bridgeport Pink Bricks
Trinity’s signature building color mixed in North Texas
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Vines adhere a pink brick wall on Trinity’s campus

When O'Neil Ford designed Trinity's campus, he did so with "place" in mind. Seeking to locally source as many building resources as possible, Ford turned to the Bridgeport Brick Company in Bridgeport, Texas—near his hometown of Denton.

Three bricks stacked"Bridgeport pink"—a color with a distinct, unpatterned mixture of pinks and whites—is due to the type of shale found in North Texas. Miners dug through up to 60 feet of shale sitting on top of coal veins; this shale was then turned into brick at the Bridgeport factory. A standard individual brick measures 4" x 8" x 2.67", which makes Murchison tower 498 Trinity bricks tall!

Bridgeport pink bricks were used in all of the campus's original O'Neil Ford buildings, lending the hallmark warmth and brightness to Trinity’s buildings, walls, and curbs. While the Bridgeport Brick Company has since been acquired by Acme Brick, Acme still produces this special color blend.

Special this year: To honor the tradition of Trinity's brick, "Bridgeport Pink" has been added to the color palette for Trinity’s 150th year!

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