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Love it or hate it, students remember dining on campus.
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Students laughing around a table in Mabee Hall

Students use meal times on campus as a chance to decompress from the school week and laugh with friends.

Love it or hate it, students remember dining on campus at Trinity University. From food fights between fraternities to a caring and supportive dining staff, Tigers’ time at Trinity is infused with memories of where—and what—they ate.

Staff photo of dining staff in 1984

In the 1950s, when Trinity’s skyline campus had just opened, the Student Union Building wasn’t complete, so students were shuttled off-campus to Damon’s Restaurant on Austin Highway, where they ate in shifts. Resentment mounted over time, with President Laurie worried about a food riot occurring soon. Despite the eating area still being a work-in-progress, students preferred eating on campus over the time-consuming bus rides. In 1965, Trinity opened the refectory, which was then renovated and expanded in 1985, when it was renamed Mabee Dining Hall after a grant from the Mabee Foundation. Aramark has been Trinity’s food service provider since 1973.

“The refectory is a hot spot during meal times: the students keep their minds off of what they are eating by throwing food and socializing.” - 1981 Mirage

Of course, if students didn’t feel like dining hall food, they could also grab a bite in the Student Union Building or the Rathskeller. Today, students enjoy dining options across campus, including a variety of cuisines in the Coates Student Center, Starbucks in Coates Library, and the POD.

Before and after photo of students eating in the refectory in 1981 and 2010s

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