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Trinity community selecting chocolate from tables

"The Chocolate Festival is a nice way to console yourself if you’re single around Valentine’s Day, or just gorge yourself if you don’t care what anyone thinks." - Callum Squires, Trinitonian

You can almost see the drool dripping from students’ mouths as they wait in line on the Esplanade, gripping their tupperware with anticipation. Once a year, the Trinity community devours tables and tables of chocolate goodies in the University’s tastiest tradition: the Chocolate Festival.

If you weren’t up until 4 a.m...crashing from an evening-long sugar rush brought on by crazy amounts of mochalicious goodies, then chances are you did not attend Trinity’s best community event." - May 16, 2004 Trinitonian

When the event began in 2003, it was a fundraiser and food drive for the San Antonio Food Bank and the Boys & Girls Club, with shirts given away for either donations or cans of food. Student organizations competed against each other for the best treats, and activities included chocolate wrestling, chocolate pictionary, Pie-A-Professor, and a strawberry shortcake piñata. Local vendors, including La Madeleine and Cheesy Janes, served food alongside the student organizations.

Now sponsored by the Student Programming Board, the most delicious event of the year is purely social, with Aramark and student organizations presenting treats to the Trinity community. The event was moved to February in 2010 to coincide with the holiday most closely associated with chocolate, and in 2011 SPB banned the messier aspects, such as wrestling in pools of chocolate. But student organizations still compete in bake-offs for prizes, and someone usually still ends up with a pie in the face.

"There's nothing to lose, everything to gain—including weight." – Jasmeen Waliany '06, Trinitonian

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