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Tigers exchange cultures through food, music, dance, and conversation
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Students performing in diversity events and on campus

Trinity’s many and diverse student groups are constantly finding new ways to celebrate holidays, expand their fellow Tigers’ world views, and show pride in their cultures. Here’s a look at some of the biggest diversity-related events of the year.

Lunar New Year dancers perform

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year, commonly known as the Chinese New Year, is a festival that’s been celebrated for centuries in countries like China and Vietnam.

Traditionally, this is a time when families and loved ones get together and welcome the new year with gifts, feasts, and firecrackers. Trinity has celebrated Lunar New Year for more than 20 years, including during this year's celebration of the University’s 150th anniversary, where the community rang in the Year of the Pig!

The celebration typically contains cultural and contemporary performances, songs, and dances from the Vietnamese Student Association, Chinese Cultural Club, Filipino Student Association, and Japanese Cultural Club.

Diwali dancers perform


Diwali, also called the "festival of lights," is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn every year.

The festival gives Tigers a chance to don new clothes and light diyas (lamps and candles) inside and outside homes. At Trinity, the celebration of Diwali also culminates in an all-campus event and performance hosted by the Asian Sub-continental Association (ASA) and the Hindu Student Union (HSU).

This showcase brings together multiple student musical and dance troupes and serves as a can’t-miss, vibrant spectacle.

Students eat at Taste of Diversity

Diversity Week

Started by the Trinity Diversity Club, Diversity Week gives the entire Trinity Community a chance to explore the cultures of fellow Tigers through food, music, and thought-provoking conversation.

The week includes educational aspects such as a learning simulation where students without learning disabilities can experience a simulation of how disabilities can affect learning, and a diversity in business programming event, a forum where students hear discussion about differing approaches to promoting diversity in the business world.

The headline of Diversity Week is a Taste of Diversity, where people bring food from their culture to share with all visitors. Students listen to musical performances, stand around the Coates Esplanade chatting, and try new foods such as Vietnamese egg rolls or Ethiopian food truck snacks.

In 2019, Diversity Week included a new feature, the TDC Journal. The idea, informed by the  creation of the Diversity and Inclusion Office, serves as creative platform of expression and as a way for TDC and the Diversity and Inclusion Office to compile a tangible expression of the needs and concerns of the Trinity community in terms of diversity.

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