George M. Storch Memorial Building
Library eventually becomes home for many social sciences
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Then and now photo of Storch Memorial Library

Built as the George M. Storch Library, Storch is now home to Trinity’s urban studies, political science, sociology and anthropology, and education departments, as well as the Tiger Card office.

The building, first dedicated in June 1952, was constructed using a lift-slab method. The structure boasts an unimpeded view of the San Antonio skyline through a two-story-high wall of windows. In the 1950s, Trinity prioritized active growth of the building’s library collection, so O’Neil Ford designed interior partition walls that were movable depending on the needs of the space and expansion of the collection.

By the early 1970s, record space in Storch and Chapman was running thin, which prompted president Duncan Wimpress to undertake a $5 million fundraising project for a new library. That new project, which would become Coates Library, eventually relieved the pressure on Storch

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