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Trinity Chapel serves as wedding venue for Tiger sweethearts
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Linda and Bill Ruhmann photo collage of wedding day

Bill and Linda Ruhmann were the first of many couples to wed in Trinity’s church.

For generations of Tigers, Parker Chapel has provided a perfect venue for weddings.

Linda Hawthorne Ruhmann ’66, ’81 and Bill Ruhmann ’67, the first-ever Trinity couple married in the chapel in 1966, can’t imagine a better day.

The couple returned to the chapel just before Valentine’s Day in 2018 to reminisce about their romance. While new buildings, professors, and fraternities have popped up on campus, the pair say returning to the chapel renews their memories of their July 1966 wedding.

Linda and Bill, sharp-witted as ever, traded memories and laughs as they thumbed through their wedding photo collection, recalling their college days, all the way up to their engagement.

The two were Terrell Hills neighbors, then sweethearts at Trinity, where Linda became president of Gamma Chi Delta and Bill joined the first-ever rush class of Chi Delta Tau. Both fondly recall partying together, but only off-campus.

“Our professors discouraged any sort of parties, but if you went to a social hall or a club, there wasn’t much they had to say about that,” Bill laughs.

On the academic side of things, Linda majored in psychology at Trinity, while Bill studied sociology. Linda would go on to earn her Master of Education from Trinity.

Bill proposed in 1965 over dessert at the Petroleum Club, a members-only community of San Antonio leaders and businesspeople, located just by the Magic Time Machine. As the couple prepared for their wedding day, Linda bought her wedding dress from Rhodes department store.

Linda Ruhmann holds up wedding photo for Bill Ruhmann


On the day of the wedding, July 16, more than 250 attendees packed the chapel. Bill and Linda’s Gamma and Delt friends were on hand, with Bill’s groomsmen in black and Linda’s bridesmaids wearing mint green dresses and iconic “pillbox” hats—a staple of many 1960s weddings.

Despite these long steps through life, the couple say returning to the chapel for Valentine’s Day 2018 was a reminder of how timeless the venue has been.

“It felt like a beautiful dream,” Linda recalls, as Bill says, “We never have and never will forget our vows, or marriage day, in Parker Chapel.”

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