Move-in Day: Before and After
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A picture of students moving boxes in the 1950s and a picture of students moving boxes in the 200s

Trinity students have always helped with move-in day.

In its 150-year history, Trinity has made three moves between three cities before finally finding a permanent home on its skyline campus. Through each move, the Trinity community banded together to help the University settle in its new home, showing that “pitching in” is an innate part of the Tiger spirit. Now with its roots firmly settled, Trinity’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni turn to a different type of move-in day to welcome newcomers to the campus.

Moving In: Waxahachie and Woodlawn Campuses

When Trinity University moved from its original location in Tehuacana to Waxahachie, Texas, not much physical labor was required. One horse-drawn wagon transported a few desks, some geological and botanical specimens, several hundred library books, and limited laboratory equipment. The move from Waxahachie, Texas, to the Woodlawn campus in San Antonio was quite more challenging, with thirty train cars transporting a half-million pounds of furniture, equipment, library books, archival records, and other materials.

A Permanent Home


On May 13, 1952, Trinity moved for the final time to its skyline campus in San Antonio. In less than five hours, five hundred students, faculty, and staff helped workers from the San Antonio Association of Motor Carriers move the Woodlawn Campus to Trinity Hill, conducted entirely with volunteer labor and donated equipment. The effort saved Trinity roughly $19,000, encouraged media attention, and fostered school spirit. As vans and cars moved down Hildebrand Avenue and approached campus, the San Antonio Police Department vehicle led the parade with its siren wailing. Trinity had arrived at its permanent home.

Two volunteers carrying boxes on move-in day

A Different Kind of Move-In Day

Though the campus remains in place, every year Trinity evokes the same welcoming spirit with move-in day for incoming students. Faculty, staff, student, and alumni volunteers cheer as the cars drive in. “Team Trinity,” as they’re called, swarm the cars, unloading the vehicles in the blink of an eye and carrying the new Tigers’ belongings to their rooms. What a way to welcome the new students to Trinity!

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