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In 1998, the Trinity University Board of Trustees approved a plan allowing undergraduate students in a new finance course to manage half a million dollars of the University's endowment. Successful investing and additional Board allocations from the endowment brought the portfolio to $3 million under management by 2010. Successful investing and additional Board allocations have now pushed the portfolio past $7 million.

The Student Managed Fund program (SMF) gives Trinity students the opportunity to manage real money in financial markets, bridging the gap between financial theory and real-world applications. The SMF enriches the education of business students through a "hands-on" approach and with the goal of outperforming the market as measured by the Standard and Poor's 500 Index.

“Although I do have the ability to veto SMF student manager’s decisions for the SMF portfolio, I have never had to use the veto. Not using a veto by the director of the Trinity SMF program is a reflection of the SMF students' robust stock research and analysis process in making their decisions,” - T.J. Qatato, faculty director.

Trinity’s SMF is the largest in its class, compared to other schools of similar size. It is also one of only six funds with more than $3 million managed by undergraduates. 

SMF Students present at projector

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