Trinity may have been late to the party in 1946, but the school arrived in style.
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Trinity’s 1946 parade float made by Triniteers

Trinity’s first official entry into Fiesta—San Antonio’s iconic, annual celebration—came in 1946, when the University entered floats in the Battle of Flowers and River parades.

Fiesta in 1946 marked the first Fiesta since the onset of World War II, so all of San Antonio let loose some pent-up party fever. Trinity got in on the fun, holding parties and celebrations ranging from hayrides in Helotes to western-themed picnics.

Over time, Trinity’s interest in Fiesta would wane. Students stopped attending parades, and eventually, administrators ended the half-day Fiesta Friday holiday early on in the 1980s.

LeeRoy and Tiger helium balloon at Fiesta parade


But Fiesta fever came back with a vengeance in the 1990s and 2000s. Under the guidance of Trinity President John Brazil, Trinity resumed sponsoring parade floats in both the Battle of Flowers and River parades and, in 2002, unveiled a showstopping, colossal helium balloon shaped like a tiger. This balloon, which takes a crew of dozens to assemble, inflate, and march, has remained a permanent fixture at Fiesta parades since.

Trinity also began producing an annual series of medals for Fiesta. The University’s stellar graphic designer Vee DuBose assumed this responsibility and has created graphics featuring campus landmarks, historical items, and the ever-popular LeeRoy the Tiger.

LeeRoy Fiesta medals and cascarones

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